2 Wébé, Louis van Teeffelen set

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2 Wébé, Louis van Teeffelen set


Louis van Teeffelen easy chairs for Wébe dark walnut/oak wood frame Dutch Design easy chairs Name: Penguin Designer: Louis van Teeffelen Manufacturer: Webe design period: 60s condition: very good Dimensions: Width 71 cm Depth 63 cm Height 73 cm Seat height 40 cm Louis van Teeffelen (1921-1972) is a Dutch designer who is best known for his furniture designs for furniture factory Walraven en Bevers, later called Wébé. In addition to other retail chains, such as V&D, and Morres and Piet Klerkx, the purchasing combination Topform is the largest buyer of Wébé furniture. Louis designs exclusive furniture for this. The sales area is mainly the Netherlands and Belgium. It is said that Louis also designs for Simplalux and Fristho. Evidence of this has not yet been found. (source: louisvanteeffelen site) In the 1920s Antoon Walraven started a furniture company in his tobacco shed with his son Jan, who worked for furniture manufacturer Salet. His daughter's marriage to the furniture maker Bevers, who worked for Salet, led to the foundation of his own company Walraven en Bevers, later Wébé. In the fifties and sixties the company grew into one of the larger furniture factories in the Netherlands. During this period they had about 150 employees and their own truck fleet. Due to increasing competition from low-wage countries in the 1970s, the company fell into disrepair. Production was discontinued in the 1990s. Due to the popularity of unique vintage design furniture in the tens of this century, Wébé products are gaining popularity again. (source wiki) Upholstery: The Plow Everest Color of the fabric: cream white. Chairs are only sold as a set

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Mid Century Modern, Dutch Design

71 cm
73 cm
63 cm


As good as new with no signs of wear

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