Delivery methods

Whoppah courier in Europe

Use the Whoppah courier service. The item will be collected from the seller and transported to the buyer completely insured (throughout the Netherlands) from € 69, in Belgium from € 129, throughout the rest of Europe from € 249. Our courier contacts the buyer and seller to discuss the necessities to carry out the transport and plans the date and time of transport in consultation. Extra service: the courier checks before taking it the item from the seller to check whether the condition of the product corresponds with how it was offered in the advertisement by the seller. Prices depend on the size of an item. You select and pay for the courier at checkout.

Book the Whoppah courier

The Whoppah courier service consists of the following options and can also be booked separately:

Intercontinental shipping

Intercontinental shipments are calculated individually depending on the distance, weight and dimensions of the item. Request a suitable quote from the Whoppah support team.

Parcel post

Shipping with parcel post is possible from € 7.25. Only items that can be sent by post and are not heavier than 10 kilos. Please note: ensure your package is packed safely so that no damages can take place during shipping. Read more about parcel post below. Whoppah is not liable for any damage or loss that occurs during shipping by mail. Do you want to be sure that your item arrives properly? Then we recommend using the insured Whoppah courier service.

Registered mail

Registered parcel post is sent from € 10. Signature is required at delivery. Registered shipping is only possible if it can be shipped with the parcel post and is not heavier than 10 kilos. Please note: ensure your package is packed thoroughly and safely to avoid any damages during shipping. Read more about parcel post below. Whoppah is not liable for any damage that occurs during shipping by mail.

Pick it up yourself

The buyer can also choose to collect the item. The buyer can make an appointment with the seller via chat! Always pay in advance through Whoppah. Please check the item carefully when you pick it up. Item not good at pick-up and not taking the item with you? No worries, you will get your money back from Whoppah.

Suitable for parcel post?

Your item is suitable for parcel post as long as it meets the specifications below:

Package 0 - 10 kg

max. 100 × 50 × 50 cm

Shipping costs: €7,25

Package registered 10 - 23 kg

max. 176 × 78 × 58 cm

Shipping costs: €10

Decide yourself?

  • Do you want to determine the shipping costs yourself? No problem. Enter an appropriate amount when selecting your shipping method. Take into account all costs such as packaging material.

Checklist for sending parcel post

  • It is important that you pack a parcel correctly. So that it is delivered undamaged, on time and to the correct address. Is your item under 10 kilos and can it be shipped with parcel post? Then choose to send your item packaged. Here are some useful shipping tips:
  • Use the suitable shipping box or packaging. This can incurr extra costs. Include those in your asking price.
  • Provide the correct filling in the shipping box / packaging (the correct materials for packaging costs money, package the item well to prevent damage).