Black & White

You can never go wrong with black or white design furniture. These ‘colors’ fit every style and interior. A stylish, black coffee table, a clean, white floor lamp or even a black/white checkered floor. Black and white are not boring and will definitely surprise you.

Black & White
AF Cinquanta Italy vintage lampAF Cinquanta Italy vintage lamp
AF Cinquanta Italy vintage lampBuy now for €130 -5%
Emiel Veranneman stoelEmiel Veranneman stoel
Emiel Veranneman stoelBuy now for €195
Nuova Veneta Lumi tafellampNuova Veneta Lumi tafellamp
Nuova Veneta Lumi tafellampBuy now for €70 -6%
2x vintage wandlampen2x vintage wandlampen
2x vintage wandlampenBuy now for €90
Dutch Design vloerlamp opaalglasDutch Design vloerlamp opaalglas
Dutch Design vloerlamp opaalglasBuy now for €140 -22%
Toucan design lampToucan design lamp
Toucan design lampBuy now for €200 -31%
FEST Nin RugFEST Nin Rug
FEST Nin RugBid from €170
2x Eef de Weerd -Vluchtelingen2x Eef de Weerd -Vluchtelingen
2x Eef de Weerd -VluchtelingenBuy now for €260 -7%
2x Ilu tafellampen2x Ilu tafellampen
2x Ilu tafellampenBid from €275
Memphis vloerlampMemphis vloerlamp
Memphis vloerlampBuy now for €360
4x Arrben Stiletto stoel4x Arrben Stiletto stoel
4x Arrben Stiletto stoelBuy now for €460
2x MirArts wandobject2x MirArts wandobject
2x MirArts wandobjectBuy now for €850
MirArt Beton wandobjectMirArt Beton wandobject
MirArt Beton wandobjectBuy now for €850
Cassina Wink fauteuilCassina Wink fauteuil
Cassina Wink fauteuilBuy now for €1,295 -13%
Antonio Citerio bankAntonio Citerio bank
Antonio Citerio bankBid from €1,250
Vintage Half Dome ChairVintage Half Dome Chair
Vintage Half Dome ChairBid from €1,489.60
Cassina Sinbad salontafelCassina Sinbad salontafel
Cassina Sinbad salontafelBuy now for €1,750
Henk Speth - Modern TimesHenk Speth - Modern Times
Henk Speth - Modern TimesBid from €3,500
Whoppah Loves
Barcelona daybed, KnollBarcelona daybed, Knoll
Barcelona daybed, KnollBuy now for €12,999