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When a Vitra object arrives in a home, an office or a public space, it already comes with a long story. One of a designer who, in collaboration with Vitra, starts a seemingly endless development process, filled with trials and errors. One of a manufacturing attitude where the details are not the details, but what makes the quality of your new piece. And you take this tale forward, enriching it with the stories of your own space. Their story began in 1953 when Willi Fehlbaum, the founder of Vitra, discovered chairs designed by Charles and Ray Eames on a trip to the USA and decided to become a furniture manufacturer. He met the designer couple in person a short time later and developed a lasting friendship that has shaped our company ever since. Over the past decades, we have worked closely with some of the world’s most important designers and their descendants. These collaborations have led to the production of many classics: furnishings from another era that remain as timely and vital as ever and continue to move and inspire us.

It was in 1956 when Charles Eames re-defined the concept of what makes a true Lounge Chair with the commissioning and design of the ‘Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman’. Moving away from the low cost, value driven post war furniture of the past, Herman Miller commissioned Charles to create a luxury statement piece for their home collection. The resulting Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman quickly went on to garner an iconic status and remains to this day as the most recognizable furniture design ever and appears on wish lists the world over. Made from a combination of molded plywood layers and sumptuous leather or fabric, the chair oozed quality and gave the user a lounging experience close to what can only be described as perfection. Sales of this wonderful design never abated and in recent years a ‘tall’ version was introduced to cater for the requirements of an ever-growing population.

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