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Discover with Whoppah: Eclectic design

Discover the eclectic design style with us

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ByEvelien RemmelsJune 2021

The emergence

Despite the fact that this style may not be officially recognized as a separate style in the world of design, eclecticism is still seen by many as a separate movement. The first person to use the term "eclectic" was believed to be for the work of Carracci, who created his work by combining classical tradition with elements of the Renaissance.

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ParagraphPhoto: David Hicks at home in his sitting room

David Hicks

A well-known 'eclectic designer' is David Hicks. Originally a freelance advertising illustrator in London, he became famous in the design world in the 1960s after a magazine published the groundbreaking makeover he did at his parents' home. Hicks went against the traditional and pretentious English interior style and became a master of creating distinct, astonishing yet cohesive mixes. His eclectic interiors are a combination of riotous colors, patterns and design styles that form a seductive and impressive whole. Among his most notable projects were rooms for Prince Charles and Princess Anne and a sparkling nightclub on an ocean liner and yacht for King Fahd of Saudi Arabia.

ParagraphPhoto: Ashley Hick's son David Hicks reinvents his father's style in his London apartment

Do’s & Don'ts

DO: Choose one main color that will be the basis for your interior. This color makes it easier to combine elements with different styles and textures.
DO: Give your eye a resting point. In an eclectic interior it is nice if you can also give your eyes a rest. Therefore, keep some corners quiet and keep some space empty. Think of a half-full bookshelf or a table with minimal decoration. The art of omission also applies to this style.
It's not a museum. It is certainly not about displaying as many unique decorative items in different styles as possible. Only place decoration if it adds value to the space.
To avoid the feeling of a messy interior, it is good to determine in advance how many styles you want to combine. Set a limit to avoid chaos.

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Vintage expert Marieke
shares her favorite eclectic style mix!

My interior style is bohemian mixed with 80s furniture. The bohemian style offers grounding to my interior and the 80s style adds the necessary humor! This inspires me and gives me energy to be creative. I get my inspiration from lots of different things. From nature to what I see on the streets of my hometown, and looking at different design styles such as Scandinavian, American, Italian and the 80s. They all have their own strength and vision. On Whoppah you can find the Entremanos desk by the artist Andrés Nagel which I am a huge fan of.