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Photo: Interior by Remy Meijers

4 Questions to Remy Meijers

We asked Remy Meijers, interior designer at remymeijers.nl, 4 questions about what inspires him the most in his work!

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ByRenate GerschtanowitzAugust 2021

What is your favorite style?

My style is characterized by a sober design language, without any smeage and stripped of all noise. Some people might call it minimalist, but it goes beyond that. My interiors are livable, functional and warm. I use rich materials such as wood and natural stone, make optimal use of light and work with clear sight lines. For me, a good interior starts with a perfect layout that is tailored to the use of the residents, the location, the incidence of light and the sight lines.
If I have that, I can design the rest of the interior and select the materials. I generally apply little color, but get the tension from special materials, structures and surface treatments.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Out of peace and overview. If I have too much on my mind or if my office is a mess, then I can't design. So I always try to have everything in order and make sure my head is empty. In addition, I get inspiration from everywhere. Traveling, eating out, meeting people, music, TV/ movies. Inspiration always surrounds you, it's seeing the opportunity is what makes it interesting.

Photo: Interior by Remy Meijers
Photo: Minotti interior

What are your ultimate design icons?

I design a lot of furniture for various brands, but also for my own collection (Remy Meijers Collection) It would be nice if some of my furniture designs ever became an icon! In addition, I am a big fan of almost all of Minotti's furniture.

Photo: Whoppah Flos chandelier 2097-50

What is your favorite item in Whoppah?

My favorite? That's the chandelier 2097-50 from Flos. A great lamp that I regularly apply in my own projects.
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