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Photo: Monique des Bouvrie

4 questions to Monique des Bouvrie

We asked the talented Monique des Bouvrie 4 questions about her favorite design styles and icons. Where does she get her inspiration from? You can read that here.

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ByRenate GerschtanowitzSeptember 2021

Photo: Monique des Bouvrie

What is your design style?

Eclectic, a mix of various styles. The use of art and special objects. I want to create a new story every time.

What inspires you?

Meeting special people. Working with other creative minds. Fashion.

Photo: Monique des Bouvrie

What are your favorite design icons?

Eileen Grey, Gio Ponti, Gae Lenti, Eero Aarnio.

Photo: Monique des Bouvrie

Photo: Gio Ponti

What is your favorite item on Whoppah?

My favorite on Whoppah is the Vintage club chair by Raphaël Raffel, 1970s
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